Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Arrivals pt.48 (The Arrival of the Mahdi)


Umar said...

Its saying UNAVAILABLE, it was here yesterday.. =[

Anonymous said...

No sound, why??

Zakir said...

and again you make outrageous claims without any supporting evidence.

who told YOU that the mahdis mother is from the bloodline of Jesus and his father is from the bloodline of Muhammad pbut??

Anonymous said...


why is everyone writing (pbut) instead of (phuh)

please confirm this because i saw (pbut) written in two of his videos too

Abdul said...

Most of these documentaries are based on facts. Although they're facts they can be proven wrong. "The eye" is used as a symbol by the christians in their architecture and various other places.These videos prove to the muslims that the west is and has been preparing for the enthronememnt of the dajjal. But the christians can just say that "the eye" is just a part of architecture and it doesn't have a story behind its origin. However as muslims we should be aware of such things. The time has come for us to not worry about sunni, shia or any other division bt to spread the message : the truth. These videos are a great platform to launch our missile of the message. Just copy the link. Forward it to all your muslim friends. Always remember, united we stand divided we fall.

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muebles said...

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